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What can you do when you need to send important messages but have no access to a phone or the phone has no reception?

Local03 SMS service allows you to send text messages easily and fast from any compute.

Log to your account and text your friends or family at the lowest cost. Only one action is needed to send a message to several recipients at once.

VIP Number

Local03 can give you your own personal or business phone number from most of the countries around the globe, at an extra cost you can choose from a list of numbers the one you like best. An easy to remember phone number is an asset both for your business and for your social life; you can choose a nicely ordered string of numbers or meaningful letters.

Virtual Operator

This service combines an answering service along with a smart switchboard system (IVR), that manages the routing of incoming calls to different phones or to leave a voice message. For example : for home press 1, for John press 2, ext.

Voice messages can be sent to your mail as voice files.

The system is very friendly and no prior knowledge is needed to operate the system.

Local Number

Local03 can give you your own local phone number from most of the countries around the globe, to facilitate your communications with a specific country.

It can be your home land and you would like to keep in touch with family and friends or it can be for business use.

The number is yours only and the calls can be forwarded to any phone you choose best anywhere in the world.


Voice2Mail is a feature which allows you to receive, record, store and send voice messages. When someone leaves a Voicemail on your phone it will automatically be sent to a defined email address.

The Voice2Mail feature will act as audio or voice recorder (Dictaphone) for you. Call your own number and send yourself a voice memo to your email.

Recorded MP3 files are so small that they can be sent to any e-mail user.

Direct Numbers

Tired of dialing 15-digit numbers in order to place an international call?

Use our Direct Numbers feature which allows you to get a short, local and easy to remember number.

This new feature ensures you a quick and easy way to dial abroad using the fast access number. You can save these numbers in your phone book and even shorten the process.