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Business Solutions

Local03 is all about high quality international connectivity at affordable prices. Our Business Development Team will help you design the perfect global telecom solutions tailored to fit the particular and unique needs of your business.

We offer the largest selection of local and toll free numbers worldwide combined with a full suite of customizable call forwarding services to meet your specific business needs, regardless of company size and location. We also offer special VIP calling plans to serve your employees overseas.

  • Personally designed calling plans, customized to fit your special needs
  • VIP rates, extra competitive
  • Your personal experienced account manager, just a phone call away
  • Special VIP features and privileges
  • Flexible payment programs

Corporate accounts receive direct support from one of our corporate account managers throughout the provisioning process. We also provide a "money back guarantee" option to corporate accounts during the initial testing period to eliminate potential risk and to ensure complete service integration.

Please complete the short form below, and one of our business development representatives will contact you soon.