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Outgoing Calls

  • How do I call destinations abroad?
    • Dialing abroad is easy. All you have to do is dial an access number in your area code (for example, if you live in New York, you can call through 1-212-999-6160), then the number of your destination abroad.
  • What is an authorized number?
    • An authorized number is a number that is associated with your account. When you dial from an authorized number, our system automatically recognizes it as your number.
  • How many authorized numbers can I add?
    • You can add up to dozens authorized numbers.
  • Can I dial to cellular numbers abroad?
    • Yes. Dialing to cellular numbers is done the same way, but at a different rate. The rate varies between countries, depending on local suppliers. Our representatives will be happy to provide you with specific information. (Click here to contact us)
  • Can I call from numbers that are not authorized?
    • Yes. You can dial from other numbers as well. You will have to enter a personal password.
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