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Virtual Operator

  • What is Virtual Operator service?
    • Virtual Operator service enables you to forward your calls to several numbers. Callers hear a message prompting them to indicate how to forward the call. For example: “You have reached the Silva family. To reach us at our home number press 1. For Mr. Silva's office press 2. For Mrs. Silva's cell phone press 3.”
  • What is the cost of the advanced services (Multi-Ring and Virtual Operator)?
    • Our advanced services are included in most of our packages, at no extra cost!
  • Can I change my destination numbers?
    • Yes, you can change your routed numbers at any time. All you have to do is log into your account (at the top right corner of the page) and change to your new number(s). You can also change your destination numbers through your access number or through our customer support.
  • Who's paying for the calls directed to my phone?
    • Incoming calls are deducted from your bank of minutes. Your friends and family pay only for a local call.
  • What happens if someone calls my 03 number from a cellular phone?
    • There's no difference if you receive a call from a cellular or a landline number. Your friends and family pay only for a local call.
  • How many people can call me?
    • There's no limitation on can call you. Anyone who has your local number can call you.
  • Can I call from numbers that are not authorized?
    • Yes. You can dial from other numbers as well. You will have to input a personal password.
  • How can I dial abroad with a single stroke?
    • You can dial directly to destinations abroad by adding your access number before the destination number. The number should be in this format: Access Number + p + Destination Number + #
  • Why am I prompted for an access number and a password when I call an access number?
    • There are two possible reasons: (1) Your number is not defined as an authorized number for outgoing calls; you can add authorized numbers at our site under outgoing calls. (2) Your caller ID is blocked and we cannot identify you as a client; you need to remove the caller ID block to use the service without a password.
  • Can I make speed dials?
    • Yes, you can keep several dozen numbers to make the service easy and simple.
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