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Local03 offers a variety of advanced telecommunication services. Among the many services that we offer to our customers:


Global Access Numbers

New! Now you can enjoy incoming calls from anywhere in the world directly to you phone. Local03 provides you with free global access numbers in order to receive calls from other countries. Contact our sales team and ask for a global access number today.


With Local03, whether you have a good reception or not, you will still be able to contact your loved ones. Simple and easy; send now a text message using your Local03 account via your number.

VIP Number

Local03 offers their customers a purchasable number according to their selection. Now you can choose the number that you would like your friends and family reach you at and hand it out to them!

Virtual Operator

Local03 provides you with a smart switchboard system routing your incoming calls. The IVR system will rout the calls to different numbers also being able to leave voice messages in any case that you miss a call. Upgrade your phone services with this easy to use operating system.

Direct numbers

No more long and tedious dialing processes. With your customized direct number choice you will be able to dial and receive calls without pin-codes, passwords or memorizing long numbers.


Missed a call? Not a problem with Local03's virtual operator. This system will record messaged and send them to your email – saving you the trouble and worry of missing any detail.


When you are away from the office or otherwise need to receive a fax, Local03 has the solution for you. With our Fax2mail system you can receive, store, forward and print out time-sensitive documents right from your email.

Call recording

Local03 offers you an accessible and easy to use recording service. Now you can record and archive calls online, allowing you to playback the call in the future.