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Cheap International Calls

All Over the World

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  • Local Numbers

  • Private phone number of your country, remains the same around the world
  • Direct Dial

  • Don't think twice before you make a call, Use our unlimited calling plans!
  • Any phone Works

  • No need for any software, smart phone or internet access. Very easy to use!
  • No Commitment

  • Pay as you go, or register now to a monthly plan suited for your needs
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Local03 Sheep

Why Local03 ?

  • Enables dialing and receiving calls from all over the world
  • International calls in a special low rate, similar to local call rate
  • High sound-quality call, and multi-operating plans for your benefit
  • Very easy to use, enabling changing your definitions at any time
  • No registration fee no commitment to any period of time
  • Daniel Stevens
  • United Kingdom
  • In the past two years I've been living in the United Kingdom. At the beginning I was paying a fortune to talk to my family in the U.S, but with Local03 my bill was significantly reduced.